How and When the CMA Awards Got Started

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China’s economy works against the western world and specifically the United States.

First, China does not allow their currency to be market set which means that China can set the price of the Yuan at almost whatever level they want it to be. The problem with this arrangement is China usually has it set at an artificially low rate. This means that Chinese goods and services can be bought for a lot less than Read the rest of this entry »

Predictions for the 2011 Award Winners

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The annual Country Music Association awards draw country music fans from all over the country. When the announcer reads the nominees, there is excitement in the air. Everyone wants their favorite country music star to win. The Country Music Association started back in 1958. It was the first organization to award a single genre of music. Based in Nashville, Tennessee the association originally started with only 200 members.

It is also known as the CMAs. The first award was given out to Eddy Arnold as the Entertainer of The Year in 1967.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed < Read the rest of this entry »

Ladies of the CMAs

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If you’re anything like us you’re pouring over your direct television listings to find out when the CMAs are going to be rerunning again – it’s the show of the year! If we had our way the following three ladies would get their own 5-minute sets at next year’s show – they’re that good
Miranda Lambert – Miranda’s got a voice for the ages and we love that her body doesn’t conform to the typical standards of media and celebrity. She’s got us hooked with her quirky style and attitude.
The Band Perry – Okay, so this isn’t just one girl but man, this group has it! The Band Perry can sing The Whole World and make us swoon or really bring down the room and sing their single about a young death their call.
Taylor Swift – We have to admit we like looking at Taylor about as much as we like listening to her but wouldn’t this be a great venue for her to release her next big single? We’ve been in a Taylor-free radio zone for far too long and could really use a jolt!

Cities That Have Hosted the CMA Awards

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Country Music’s greatest awards show does not always occur in the same city. The founders are willing to move the city because they realize that country music listeners are found all across America. The casual observer may not care much about where the events are hosted. After all, he just wants to find out if his favorite artists have won any awards. Other long-time country artist may find that they have earned a lifetime achievement Read the rest of this entry »

Potential Nominees: Who Has a Shot At Winning

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For country music fans, the CMA’s are always the big award show which you look forward to catching. And, if you are looking forward to seeing who will be taking home the trophees this year, if past years are an indication of the winners this year, there are several of your favorite stars to look forward to watching them win big, on country music’s big night. From all time favorites like Alan Jackson, George Strait, Toby Keith, and Read the rest of this entry »

How the CMA Awards Have Changed Over the Decades

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The CMA awards have been around for many decades, offering people insight on new country music artists and rewarding those who have been around long enough to have a devoted enough fan-base to allow them to win music awards for their songs. The CMA awards have recognized many great country stars through the years, including Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. These classic artists have a lot of talent and artistic ability and through these awards shows were able to reach out to existing fans Read the rest of this entry »

Looking Back: Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean’s 2010 Duet

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In 2010, Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson hit the airwaves with “Don’t You Want to Stay.” A surprising combination, it really hit a cord with fans of both pop and country music, combining two distinctive styles to make magic. Jason Aldean had heard the song and pictured it with someone else to really make a splash. Throwing out the idea of Kelly Clarkson as a part of duet had been pure fantasy. What a surprise for Jason when his people contacted her people and made it happen. Kelly was excited yet anxious at the same time–would she like working with Read the rest of this entry »